Australian producers don’t take their meat quality for granted. As well as strict standards on animal welfare, food safety and sustainability, red meat is graded for eating quality.

It is underpinned by Meat Standards Australia (MSA) – a beef eating quality grading system developed by long term research and supported by extensive international consumer testing. MSA is voluntary, and only licensed processors can apply the MSA grading system.

MSA calculates and differentiates on three levels of eating quality for each cut – MSA three star (MSA graded), four star (premium quality) and five star (supreme quality) in conjunction with recommended cooking techniques. Accredited graders, employed by the processors, collate information provided by producers, supervise the processing and assess each carcass to determine the MSA grade of the individual cuts.

The MSA grading process helps consumers around the world know they are eating red meat from a trusted, quality source.