With wide-open spaces and a generally warm climate, Australian farms are the ideal home for livestock.

The majority (two-thirds) of our animals are raised on natural pastures, with the pleasant climate meaning that livestock are able to be outside year round. Our farms are sizeable, with animals generally able to roam large areas.

Over the years Australia’s livestock breeds have diversified so our livestock are in sync with the diverse environments around the country. For instance, tropical breeds of cow were introduced to overcome heat problems experienced by British breeds. Cross-breeding between British and tropical breeds have also introduced new breeds that are well suited to our climate and conditions.

We also have some of the most stringent animal health and welfare standards in the world, enshrined in law and certified by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). Animal health is assured by our position as an island nation with strong biosecurity measures in place. This helps our farms remain free of all major livestock diseases.