Red Meat 2030 is a strategic plan which sets out six priority pillars the Australian red meat industry will focus on to further cement itself as a world-leading industry that delivers high value, high quality products to partners around the world. In our six-part Red Meat 2030 series, we’ll explain how the plan will help enhance our position as a natural trade partner for the EU.

The first priority in the framework is our people. Around 200,000 people are involved across each step of the red meat supply chain in Australia. No matter how you look at it, people sit at the heart of our industry. Investing in them (and getting them invested) is fundamental to the ongoing success of the industry.

When people care, they create higher quality products. The EU has strict regulations which help guarantee the quality of the meat it imports. Australian farmers pride themselves on their ability to deliver high quality products that meet and exceed the expectations of EU consumers.

Investing in our people also ensures they can make the most of the latest innovations and adopt the most up-to-date best practices, incorporating sustainable practices wherever possible. By doing things the right way at home, we can ensure we are the best possible partner to all our trading partners, like the EU.

Through the “People” Pillar of Red Meat 2030, we aim to:

  • Attract and retain good people by creating safe and healthy workplaces 
  • Develop skilled and capable people, by creating pathways for career advancement
  • Practice change through new technologies and innovations   

By developing these areas and continuing to grow in this direction through educational exchanges, lifelong learning, and engagement across the industry, we can ensure that Australian red meat currently enjoyed by customers in over 100 countries continues to be the high-quality product they’ve come to expect.

Learn more about our investment in the next generation of farmers:

Learn more about Red Meat 2030:

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