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In line with EU regulations, Australia’s European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme (EUCAS) ensures that a segregated supply chain is maintained from farm to plate, including HGP-free feedlots.

Under the scheme, cattle must be held on an accredited feedlot to retain their certified hormone-free status. A EUCAS feedlot must have its own Property Identification Code (PIC), any whilst they can host both EUCAS and non-EUCAS cattle, they must be physically segregated at all times. Pens must clearly designate the EUCAS status of cattle and allow for no physical interaction between them. If a EUCAS animal comes into contact with a non-EUCAS herd, it ceases to be eligible for the EU market and must be moved to an appropriate pen.

Full transparency in the EUCAS system is achieved by registering the movement of all cattle into the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) database. Records of departure and arrival dates must be kept for a minimum of two years, and audits of accredited feedlots must occur on at least an annual basis.

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